We believe the children are the future.
Teach them well and let them lead the way.

Those aren’t just the words to an unforgettable Whitney Houston song. They are the truth and they speak to our philosophy of cultivating great moral fiber and a strong value system from a young age. We have programs specifically tailored to a younger audience and are continually seeking new ways to foster leadership and keep them engaged.

Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)

What is EYC?
EYC, or Episcopal Youth Community, gives opportunities for youth to engage their faith. Everything we do at EYC is remixed, or in other words, is focused on a youth perspective. Our remix centers around the prayer for young persons from the BCP, “to strengthen the youths’ faith in God and joy in creation in “a confusing world.” We do this through service, fellowship, and worship. 

Senior EYC
Meets Sunday mornings after the 10:15 am worship service. The youth room is open until 1 pm. During this time youth have an opportunity to see the intersection between faith and their lives. During Sr. EYC youth will use popular books, television shows, music, and more to discuss how God is truly integrated into their lives. We will have "pop-up" meetings across the Humble-Kingwood area.

Junior EYC
Meets Sunday mornings after the 10:15 am worship service. The youth room is open until 1 pm. During this time, junior high youth play games in order to deepen their faith. There are opportunities for discussion and exploration of faith topics using popular mediums such as music and clips from television or movies. A snack will be provided for all youth who attend Jr. EYC. We will have "pop-up" meetings across the Humble-Kingwood area.

Youth Ministry Council (YMC)
YMC is open to all youth. YMC gives youth leadership and spiritual growth opportunities through monthly luncheon meetings. These meetings promote prayer, leadership skill development, and planning of EYC activities.

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