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Mission Trips

To serve in one’s own community is noble. To serve outside of one’s own community is a rare and wonderful gift. It broadens our worldview and deepens our understanding of the human condition. Let us all continue to look for ways to help those who may not be of the means to help themselves.

Each year, members of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church travel to locations far from Kingwood, TX to nurture, replenish, rebuild, and learn. When members of one community engage with members of another community, goodness and greatness generally come of it.

Canyon Lake Mission Trip
Experience an introduction to missionary life.  Youth and adults help construct portions of prefabricated homes for the homeless, disaster victims, or the missionary ranch where we stay.  Youth experience team building and serve alongside youth they will meet at Diocesan events (such as Camp Allen).  The trip is designed for youth entering grades 5-8.  Youth entering grades 9-12 serve as mentors for younger youth.

Costa Rica Mission Trip
Our senior mission trip is the cornerstone of an ongoing effort to build a companion relationship with Episcopal churches in Limón, Costa Rica. We’re committed to helping them build infrastructure and expand their Christian Education program. We work with our hands and build lasting relationships with our hearts. There is no better Christian experience than helping friends improve the lives of others.