Acolytes at Good Shepherd serve during corporate worship services as assisting ministers of the liturgy. They are young people in our parish between the ages of 10 and 18 who have made a commitment to serve faithfully in this ministry. At this time there are approximately 80 members in active service and they are supported by a team of four adults, each with a specific support role.

Joining the Acolyte Guild
Young people who have reached 10 years of age by either April 1st or October 1st should contact the Acolyte Master (Paul Brinsden, 281 358-6127) or any of the adult leaders to make us aware that they are ready to start active participant in this ministry. Training sessions are held in March and September. The entire intake of novices for the year are presented to the Rector for installation at a special service at the Feast of St. Michael and All Angels in late September. Existing members of the Acolyte Guild also renew their commitment to service at this time. It is our hope that members will remain in the Acolyte Guild through to graduation.

Mission of the Good Shepherd Acolyte Guild 
The Acolyte Guild trains young people to be aware of the liturgy and to assist the clergy during worship. The Acolyte Guild provides a supportive environment in which they can engage in and develop an understanding of servant ministry, commitment and loyalty within the Church. We believe that these are part of building a firm foundation for active participation, ministry and leadership in the church both now and in the future.

Our values
Commitment, Servanthood, Loyalty, Timeliness, Team Awareness, Leadership, High Standards in all that we are. All these are our offering and sacrifice to the glory of God.

The Acolyte Guild
In addition to supporting our young people in their chosen ministry, the Acolyte Guild may also provide some program content throughout the year which is designed to build fellowship and to broaden the members’ understanding of the church. Acolyte teams participate in the Kirking of the Tartan, which celebrates the Feast Day for Samuel Seabury, first bishop of the Episcopal Church USA.

Acolytes may also have opportunities to serve at weddings (with honorarium), funerals, and other events which may even be at the Diocesan level. During their high school senior year, acolytes may also participate in major services as assisting vergers serving beside the Parish Verger.