Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Good Shepherd Vestry

Carolyn McGaughey   - Senior Warden  (Jan 2015 – Jan 2018)

Responsibilities include:
• Supports the Rector
• Oversees financial and administrative business of the parish
• Involved in diocesan and convocational matters
• Ensures the vestry maintains focus on Vision, Mission and Core Values
• Vestry Development: setting goals, keeping on track, measuring our progress, meeting goals, setting next year’s goals
• Vestry Communications: Vestry Papers
• Advise vestry of trends and developments
• Administration of the vestry
• Long range planning
• Along with third-year vestry members, recruits next class of vestry members
• Personnel Committee
• Finance Committee
Secondary Liaison role: Jr. Warden

Martin Light - Junior Warden  (Jan 2016 – Jan 2019)

Responsibilities include:
• Ensures maintenance and care/repair of facilities and grounds, includes overseeing maintenance and vendor contracts & performance, including Janitorial contract, etc.
• Serves as chair of Property Commission
• Serves as member of Building & Grounds committee
• Coordinates and oversees Parish Work Days
• Assists with major Inreach/Outreach initiatives
• Chair, Property Commission
• Building & Grounds committee
Secondary Liaison role: Sr. Warden

Dick Johle- Finance  (Jan 2015 – Jan 2018)

Responsibilities include:
• Serves as a member, of the Finance Committee
• Oversees church finances, incl. planning, monitoring and auditing
• Prepares annual budget (along with treasurer)
• Keeps vestry apprised of the churches’ financial condition and appropriate recommendations (along with treasurer)
• Assists with major Inreach/Outreach initiatives

Finance Committee
Stewardship committee (secondary)

Secondary Liaison role: Stewardship

Joyce Horton - Worship  & Pastoral Care (Jan 2017 - Jan 2020)

 Responsibilities include:
• Works with priest regarding worship and worship scheduling (joint services, special services, supply priests, etc)
• Works with music director
• Works with wedding coordinator
• Works with liturgical ministry leaders (verger, acolytes & Eucharistic ministers, altar guild, flower guild, chalice bearers, lay readers, ushers, etc.)
• Works closely with pastoral care ministry leaders
• Worship Committee
Secondary Liaison role: Christian Education and Youth
* Pastoral Care Includes:
Casserole Patrol
Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs)
Prayer Chain
Hospital Visits
Support Groups
Alzheimer’s Support Group
Gamblers Anonymous
Women Survivors of Sexual Abuse

Stephan Badot - Outreach (Jan 2016 – Jan 2019)

Responsibilities include:
• Works with Outreach coordinators*
• Recommends annual diocesan mission funding allocations
• Recommends local outreach funding changes
• Assists with major Inreach initiatives
Secondary Liaison role: Communications

* Outreach Groups Include:
Lord of the Streets, Humble Area Assistance Ministries (HAAM), Feed My Lambs
Holy Trinity Episcopal School, St. James House, Family Time, Hearts and Hands,
Women’s Kairos Prison Ministry, Operation Santa, The Beacon, Blood Drive

Tracy VanNostrand - Evangelism & Newcomers (Jan 2017 – Jan 2020)

Responsibilities include:
• Responsible for initiating one major parish-wide evangelism initiative each year
• Coordinates Live Nativity
• Oversight of Welcome Center
• Works with coordinators of: “Treat Our Visitors”,Greeters
Follow-up Callers , Beyond Welcome Desk Works with New Member Coordinator
• Invitation of newcomers to our church
• Develops new member involvement in church activities
Secondary Liaison role: Good Shepherd school

OPEN - Stewardship  (Jan  – Jan )


Responsibilities include:
• Serves as either chair, or a member, of Stewardship Committee
• Plan and conduct stewardship campaign
• Administration of Birthday Blessings gifting program
• Oversight and Administration of Memorial Gifts
• Monitor all fund-raising activities, by all ministries, to ensure their appropriateness and even distribution over time
• Apprises vestry of fund-raising requests and make recommendations to approve / disapprove
• Assists with major Inreach/Outreach initiatives
• Stewardship Committee
• Finance Committee (secondary)

Secondary Liaison role: Finance

Richard Murray - Communications (Jan 2015- January 2018)

 Responsibilities include:
• Re-establishing Communications Committee to assist in day of day communication
• Coordinates publicity, adverting, signage, photography, bulletin boards and displays
• Ensures error-free publications throughout all church media outlets
• Supports all other vestry liaison roles
• Encourage vestry members to monitor relevant liaison areas of the church’s website
• Coordination of Rally Day set up and publicity
• Committee(s):
• Communications committee
• Fellowship committee (secondary)
Secondary Liaison role: Outreach

Bill Luck - Inreach (Jan 2016 - Jan 2019)

Responsibilities include:
Coordinates Pumpkin Patch and Fall Festival
Funeral Reception
Funeral Guild
Works closely with pastoral care ministry leaders
Pastoral Care Includes:
Stephen Ministry, Casserole Patrol
Lay Eucharistic Visitors (LEVs)
Prayer Chain, Cursillo, Hospital Visits
Support Groups - ADD, Alzheimer’s Support Group, Gamblers Anonymous.
Secondary Liaison role: Fellowship
Stephen Ministry


Debbie Sterling - Christian Education & Youth (Jan 2015 – Jan 2018)

• Works with Dir. Christian Education to develop and implement adult & children courses
• Works with Youth Director to develop and implement youth programs
• Supports and attends Youth activities:
o Youth Ministry Council
o Jr. EYC (Middle School)
o Sr. EYC (High School)
o Various other Youth events (inreach, outreach, fellowship, etc.)
Secondary Liaison Role: Worship and Pastoral Care

Christian Education Oversight Includes:
Sunday School for Children to Adults
Wednesday Night Programs
Special Seasonal Offerings
Small groups
Vacation Bible School
First Communion
Financial Peace
Sunday School Calendar

Youth Oversight Includes:

Anne Efferson - School (Jan 2017 – Jan 2020)

Responsibilities include:
• Serves as member of the Good Shepherd school board
• Advises vestry on school matters
• Serves on property commission and represents school
• Evaluates agreements between school and church and recommends updates
Committee(s) / Boards:
• Good Shepherd school board
• Property Commission

Secondary Liaison role: Evangelism and Newcomers

 Lynn Boyd   Fellowship (Jan 2016 – Jan 2019)

  • Responsibilities include:
    • Organizes parish-wide fellowship events:
    • Shrove Tuesday supper
    • Independence day parish picnic
    • Wednesday night parish dinners
    • Fellowship Committee
    • Communications Committee (secondary)
    Secondary Liaison role: Inreach
    Kitchen Guild
    Coffee Hour