Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Parish Handbook - Table of Contents

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church General Information
     Floor Plans
     History       Organization Chart  

    Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws
     Articles of Incorporation
     Amended Bylaws

Good Shepherd School (GSS)           
     Good Shepherd School Constitution 
     Good Shepherd School Bylaws
     Good Shepherd School Memorandum of Understanding
Overview and Parish/School Memo of Understanding (MOU)
     Good Shepherd School Website
     Good Shepherd School Handbook (Separate Document; see GSS Director)
Mothers Day Out Handbook (Separate Document; see MDO Director)

Administrative Policies
     Building Use Policy
     Bulletin Board Policy
     Bulletin Board Usage Request
     Columbarium Policy and Agreement
     Communication Policy
      Narthex Usage
     New Programs Policy Statement
     Office Services Policy
     Parish Calendar Policy
     Parish Handbook Policy
     Personnel Committee Charter  
Third Party Building and Facility Use Agreement
Use and Care of Facilities Policy
     Employee Policies (Separate Document; see Personnel Committee)
     Policy for Responding to Requests for Assistance
     (Separate Document; see Office Manager)

Worship Policies
     Acolyte Policy

     Music at Special Services
     Guidelines for Wedding Photographers
     Sanctuary Flower Guidelines
     Wedding Guidelines and Procedures
     Wedding Policy
     Wedding Fee Structure (
Separate Document; see Wedding Guild Coordinator)

Children and Youth Policies
Caregiving Policy
     Childcare Guidelines (This policy is being updated)
     Safeguarding God's Children Policy

Financial Policies
     Bank Accounts

     Delegated Voucher Signature Authority
 (This is a large Excel File)
     Disbursements and Check Voucher Form
     Finance Committee Charter 
     Financial Process
     Fund Raising Projects
Fundraisers and the Operating Fund  
     Gifts and Contributions
     Monetary Advances for Church Activities
     Policy Regarding the Timing of Reimbursements  
     Supply Requisition System and Form
     System of Financial Controls
     Audit  Policy (Separate Document; see Treasurer’s Notebook)
     Collecting and Reporting Receipts at Special Functions (Separate Document; see Treasurer)
     Counter’s Procedure Form (Separate Document; see Treasurer)
     State of
Texas Sales Tax Permit and Sales and Use Exemption and
               Resale Certificates (Separate Document; see Office Manager)               

Diocese of Texas Information
     Diocese of Texas Web Site Information
     Emergency Response Guidelines and Contact Information

Episcopal Church USA and the Anglican Communion Information
     Canonical Structure of the Church
     How the Organization Works

     Map of Episcopal Church, USA


Vestry Resources