Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
How Policies Are Made

The policies in the Parish Handbook were developed in response to actual, or anticipated needs. The policies are used by the Vestry and staff to respond to requests by members, and enquiries by others, in a consistent manner. Approving new policies, revising existing policies or removing them is the responsibility of the Vestry. Only the Vestry can do this, however, any parish member, seeing the need for policy formation, revision or removal, can recommend it.

The preferred method is to first talk to the person who has responsibility for, or a vested interest in, the area that a policy might affect. For example, a change likely to affect the administrative process might begin by discussing it with the Office Manager. A discussion that might affect Christian Education would best begin with the Director of Christian Education.

If the person having oversight of the area a policy might affect agrees that creating/revising/removing a policy is warranted, a proposal should be drafted for the Vestry to consider.

The next step would be to contact the Clerk and request that the proposal be added to an upcoming Vestry agenda and provide the Clerk with a copy of the proposal for distribution to Vestry members to review in advance.

The person sponsoring the proposal should attend the Vestry meeting at which it is considered and be prepared to discuss it. Parishioners are welcome to attend regularly scheduled Vestry meetings.

If you have any questions about policy formation or about the Vestry Handbook, please contact the Clerk.