Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Holy Communion
The Regular Services
The principal service is the Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion). In some Episcopal churches it is celebrated quite simply, without music, early on Sunday morning. Weekday celebrations also are frequently without music, and without sermon. When celebrated at a later hour on Sundays, or on other great Christian days such as Christmas, music and a sermon are customary.

Holy Communion
All baptized persons who recognize the presence of Christ in this Sacrament are welcome to receive Holy Communion.

At what age may a child take communion? A child may take communion at any age. We do not believe that a certain "understanding" of the proceedings is necessary for the sacrament to be valid. The decision of when to take communion is left up to the child and his/her parents. However we currently request a first Communion Class which is recommended during the first grade.