Good Shepherd Episcopal Church
Kingwood, Texas
Birthday Blessings
Birthday Blessings is a year round program that encourages members and friends of Good Shepherd Episcopal Church to express gratitude for the amazing gift of life that God has given us. This program allows us to honor a family member or acknowledge our own birthday by giving back to the church which sustains the work of our Lord, who holds our lives in His hands.

This list contains items that would greatly enhance and improve the programs, activities, and experiences that we both enjoy and expect from our church. None of these items are included in our operational budget, but each item, large or small, would enrich and support the work done by our faithful leaders, our loyal volunteers, and all who join us both young and older.

On the occasion of your own birthday or that of a family member—spouse, child, mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle—choose one item in this booklet, complete a Birthday Blessings Donation Form. The chosen item will be acquired as soon as possible once your check is received, and it will be given directly to the program that requested it.

In order to maintain complete financial records on all purchases and to provide you with a tax deductible donation receipt, the church asks for a check for the amount noted in the booklet. This allows the church to work with any vendor should an item need to be repaired or exchanged. Donations received will be acknowledged in the church newsletter on a monthly basis.

To us, many things have been given. Most precious is our life and the lives of our family and friends. Consider responding to this precious gift with a Birthday Blessings donation.

Birthday Blessings booklets are available in the church office. After selecting an appropriate Birthday Blessings, download this donation form to complete your gift.